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The last 10 years’ test results have shown that the effect of online Neurocoaching is the same as with in person sessions. No matter if Skype, Facetime or just by phone. In the case of anxiety and stress, Skype and Facetime have even proven to be more effective than face-to-face sessions.


You may already have tried several kinds of therapy without significant results. And maybe you have therefore developed a healthy skepticism. And one thing is to only read about a certain therapy – another thing is of course to try it out.

Therefore, we would like to offer you a free demonstration session so you can experience how Neurocoaching works in practice. And feel the difference, so you no longer just have to hope for a difference.

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Would you like to share other people’s experiences with Neurocoaching? Then you can read a lot of very personal feedbacks HERE. You can of course also check us out on Trustpilot. 


Neurocoaching is a training system where the effect mainly is a result of your effort. Just as you know it from all other training systems and educations, you have attended. So here are a few things you need to be aware of before contacting us:

It takes approx. 1 month of daily training to be able to effectively “overwrite” the old pieces of memory that have been triggering your stress mechanism (and thus your anxiety, your anger, your OCD, your grief, your depression etc.). So while training Neurocoaching you must be dedicated to daily training for 30-60 minutes for approx. a month. Both on the days where you already feel that you have reached your goal, as well as on the days where you feel that you are back to square one. All

development takes place in waves – so you will most likely experience both kinds of days in the process =)

We all have a busy life. That’s why it is crucial that you prioritize your daily Neurocoaching training. Remember that this is an investment in the rest of your and your family’s life. And if you do not train the new patterns, you automatically train the old ones. And what you train, you become good at. Here, unfortunately, the crucial parts of your brain do not distinguish between good and bad – only you can do that. So if you know that you easily give up, then you should rather choose something else

Even after the process, you have to be willing to keep training your new, mental muscles. Because otherwise you risk the same outcome as if you – after a period of body building – just spend all day back on the couch. Slowly but certainly your muscles will disappear again. We call this universal, biological principle: “Use it or lose it”.


If you experience skepticism, the process will – due to the so called nocebo effect – become like driving your car with an engaged parking brake. And then your process will become much more expensive and much more troublesome than necessary.

We don’t want that to happen of course. So we will if necessary provide you with all the biological research you require. Because once you get started, Neurocoaching must make logical sense. So also be sure to open up about your skepticism when you call us. And keep asking questions until it makes perfect sense why Neurocoaching is the right thing for you.

Nobody will “rescue” you in the Neurocoaching process – instead you learn to rescue yourself. We provide the tools. Your responsibility is to deliver the agreed effort – on a daily basis.

During the process you will experience a lot of resistance from various parts of your brain. The reason is that even the worst depression gives parts of your brain something they do not want to lose. For example comfort from other people, the victims freedom of responsibility – and maybe even a financial gain.


Of course, everyone wants to be happy and feel good. But the power of habit and unconscious gains make some people unable or unwilling to change the bad patterns that make them feel bad.

So in order to avoid you wasting your money, be prepared to articulate and confront this resistance – and be prepared to dismantle it together with your Neurocoach.

Overall, the most important principle here is to be totally honest with your Neurocoach. Then you will be able to handle your problems – instead of your problems being able to handle you.


Most old, bad habits we carry with us without noticing them. Therefore you will also automatically take them with you into a training process like Neurocoaching. Whether it is the role of the victim, distrust, laziness, perfectionism, insecurity, procrastination or something else. Therefore, it is important that you are willing to confront them and deal with them as soon as they appear. Even though it may feel difficult.




Especially the role of the victim is dangerous. We teach you to take action and take control. But change also requires a number of conscious choices on your part – we call it the action role. And sometimes these choices require a lot of overcoming.

You can read more about the dangerous role of the victim HERE (in Danish)



Neurocoaching is about learning and about you creating change in your brain. But 3 types of treatment inhibit your ability to learn and create change. They are therefore unfortunately incompatible with a training system like Neurocoaching.

They are

· Benzodiazepines

· Antipsychotic drugs (f.ex quetiapine)

· Electroshock / ECT

If you want to start a Neurocoaching process, you must therefore have abandoned these 3 treatments for at least 3-4 weeks.




One of the big differences between traditional therapy and our neuropsychological system is the training between sessions. Forming new thought patterns and emotions is neurologically not any different than learning to brush your teeth or learning to ride a bicycle. If we therefore only show you the Neurocoaching exercises once, and then you just have to wait 2 weeks until the next session, we can start all over again, and again, and again. This is also the story we hear from customers who have been in treatment for years elsewhere.

If, on the other hand, you brush your teeth 4 times today in the new way, 4 times tomorrow, etc., then the new pattern will soon become a habit replacing the old habit. Follow up and daily training is therefore one of the main ingredients of your success.

After each session we send you a summary and a list of individual exercises, you have to practice every day. You get the summary both in writing and as an audio file.

This makes Neurocoaching practical and useful. At the same time, we ask you to return a special training report 2-3 times a week so that your Neurocoach can follow your development. This effort of yours requires approx. 30-60 minutes a day. Most of this period of time, however, is time spent listening to a relaxing audio file while falling asleep.

Just for your information, we also charge the time we spend on writing summaries and record audio files – as well as on the time spent giving feedback on your training reports.

If you don’t have time for this daily training, we recommend that you wait. If, on the other hand, you make your daily effort, you will – as you can also take from our customers’ feedbacks – soon experience a dramatic change. Often even a change that positively affects many aspects of your life that you had not anticipated at all. And this also inevitably affects the people who are close to you. Because when you create change, it creates ripples


Typically the sessions are getting shorter and shorter as you advance. The typical process consists of 3-5 sessions, where we sometimes introduce new tools – and other times just adjust the old ones.


Both your muscles and your nervous system follow the principle “Use it or lose it”. So in order to help you maintain your new pattern, we will follow your progress for 6-12 months after the last session. This ensures that Neurocoaching becomes an investment that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. To ensure this long-term effect we therefore calculate a total of 1 hour after the end of the process – covering feedbacks to a total of 9 training reports distributed over the following year.


We charge 985-1185 DKK per hour (132-158 EUR). We charge the same hourly rate regardless of the task – whether it is a pre-session, a session or the time we spend on creating summaries and audio files. If you want services subject to VAT, we have to add VAT.

NOTE: Our hourly rate is for 60 minutes, not 45 minutes!



If you compare prices, be aware that with most psychologists and psychotherapists, an “hour” is only 45 minutes. Our hourly rate is for 60 min. – this makes us 25% cheaper in a comparison.

At the same time, our techniques are documented – this is seldomly the case with traditional psychology.

Unless your Neurocoach is also a supervisor, a trained supervisor is involved in your process – free of charge. This service ensures our consistent quality.

Participating in our program you get written summaries and audio files after each session, so that it becomes a lifelong investment.

In Neurocoaching you get simple tools so that you can speed up your transformation process yourself – thereby making it cheaper.

Being also a neuropsychological research institute, you can rest assured that we always utilize the latest knowledge. There is a world of difference between classical psychology, typically from before 1980, and modern, biological neuropsychology anno 2021.



Immediately after having signed up, you will receive the first easy-to-read material. You will also be asked by your Neurocoach to list all your symptoms, possible causes and resources – especially your resources are extremely important. Finally, before the first session, you and your Neurocoach will have a so called pre-session, where you together list the possible traumas and patterns, which have to be dismantled. This common “detective work” in the pre-session makes it possible for you to really get a jump start in your first session.




All sessions take place either by Skype, Facetime or in person at one of our offices. We have not been able to determine any difference in the results, whether you attend in person or the sessions take place on Skype, Facetime or even phone.

If you deal with several issues, we start identifying your most basic issue.

Because when we take this first issue, many of your other problems might disappear as a “bonus” because they were really just symptoms of your basic problem.

We do not care about diagnoses – they often just keep you stuck in a passive, victimized role. Instead we together will have full focus on you getting into action – you choosing the action role is your best guarantee that you will reach your goals.

Depending on your problem, we teach you how to identify and change the problematic “brain files” in the old parts of your brain, normally known as “the subconscious”. These parts not only control your feelings, your behavior and many of your thought patterns. They also determine how other people see you. These more primitive parts of the brain do not understand normal language like English or Danish – there are simply no language centers in this part of the brain.

But…you can actually communicate with them using images, symbols, body sensations and body language. So when you approach these parts of your brain in a way, they understand, things begin moving really fast. Just as when a company consultant addresses the complete work staff in a company instead of only talking to the CEO.

The one-sided focus of traditional therapy with its traditional language when dealing with problems in the subconscious is one of the main reasons why treatments can go on for years while they could have been solved in a few sessions.


You do not have to relive any pain. The claim that you have to work your way through pain is simply not true. What interest us are the relevant “brain files”, ie. typically the images and feelings that controlled your emotions, behaviour and many of your thoughts. This simple focus makes Neurocoaching very practical.

In the first session, we just keep going on as long as you can keep up the concentration – typically 3-4 hours plus breaks. This is a lot more efficient than the traditional 45 minute sessions used elsewhere. You can compare it to a car: When you have reached a certain speed, it is much more cost effective to just keep going instead of constantly stopping and accelerating again. That is one of the main reasons why most people already after the first session notice a dramatic change.

It all takes place in a rather light introverted state (a bit like meditation), where your Neurocoach guides you through the process. In this particular state (where the brain produces the so called alpha waves) you are able to let the different parts of the brain work together. You will be fully conscious and the state has nothing to do with hypnosis. It’s comfortable and incredibly exciting – and even when we deal with traumatic episodes in your past, we use a special technique so that it will feel neutral and without negative emotions.